Work for the fastest growing car detailer in Canada. Make great money. Be part of a family.
At Cleen, a Detailing Expert is all there is. They are 100% at the heart of the company, and are paid and treated accordingly.

What do you do?

A typical Detailing Expert/Manager’s work day involves fully detailing and servicing two to three vehicles. This includes accepting payment, socializing with the customer, and communicating with management. Sales is also an important asset to the role, being able to sell to customers boosts your income and Cleen's awareness all at once!

Why become a Detailing Expert/Manager?

- Instant managerial experience

- Unheard of pay averaging $30/hour.

- Freedom. We trust that our employees commit to excellence and treat you accordingly. No annoying supervisor, no douchebag boss.

- Outdoor work. Don’t lock yourself up in a cubicle, work outside and get some fresh air.

- Join a movement. As Cleen Detailing continues to expand across Canada and the U.S, we look to fill managerial and leadership roles in the near future. Joining today opens up doors for tomorrow.

- The Cleen Team. Owned and operated by two university students, we prioritize picking a team that has fun and genuinely enjoys their work. Company socials, Gatorades ftb, you name it.

Who are we looking for?

Last year, Cleen received over 80 applications for 15 positions. Here's what we're looking for:

- A perfectionist with a very strong work ethic.

- A happy, well mannered person a passion for people.

- A strong and selfless teammate.

- A person with an excitement towards business and entrepreneurship.

What's your first name? *

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Detailing Experts need to use their own personal or family cars to get to appointments. How much access would you have to a car this summer (May 5th to August 31st) *

Are you in high school or university/college?

When is the earliest you can start working this summer (earliest being May 1st, 2018) *

What is your address? *

Will you be going on any vacations that will last longer than 6 days this summer (or be looking to get more than 10 days off total?)

Shirt size?

Short size?

Jacket size?

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Congratulations, you're all done. Just hit continue to submit your application. We'll be in touch about an interview time slot on April 27th. Thanks!

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